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Did you know?

  • NH has the lowest tax burden in the U.S.
  • NH has the 3rd lowest crime rate in the U.S.
  • NH has the highest standard of living in the U.S.
  • NH has the 9th highest (percentages) of college-educated citizens in the U.S.
  • NH has the 7th highest income level in the U.S.
  • NH has the 5th lowest unemployment rate in the U.S

(Source: PSNH NH Economic Review 2006)

Living Here

Nashua, proudly known as "The Gate City" presents itself as a distinctly "liveable" place. Its traditional New Hampshire heritage combined with its progressive Northeastern urban qualities and vitality offers an attractive lifestyle opportunity. Nashua is the only community twice-honored by being named "The Best Place to Live in America" by Money Magazine. Nashua, New Hampshire is the kind of place to make the most of life. Read a brief history of Nashua, NH.


Downtown Nashua

Downtown is the place that makes Nashua a memorable place, a distinctive place, a civic place, a historic place, an eternal place, and an authentically human place. Downtown Nashua is not only about visiting, shopping, and dining; it is most excitingly becoming recognized as a great place to live and work.


Public Schools

Nashua's schools and "schoolhouses" have for generations been the pride of the neighborhoods, the community, and indeed the State of New Hampshire. Our school buildings, from historic to the most modern, span every section of the city; they serve as epicenters of our neighborhoods, and serve as the generators of hope and promise for the city's bright future.
Nashua School System

Advanced Education

New Hampshire's first Lyceum was established in Nashua before 1830. The Nashua Lyceum was chartered to encourage, advance, and establish a shared culture and heritage of higher education and enlightenment among all citizens of Nashua. Nashua's educational legacy continues today as the center of an impressive community of highly recognized and regarded institutions of higher education.

Our Citizens and Government

The citizenry of Nashua have faithfully been active, interested, informed, and involved in the affairs of our local, regional, state, and national government since chartering of the township in 1673. After more than 325 years the tradition of the “democratic principle” is stronger than ever.


Our Neighborhoods

Nashua's neighborhoods offer a great diversity in compactness, affordability, open space, housing-type, ethnicity, culture, history, architecture, and street character. In each neighborhood there will be a fine school and well-maintained park for the benefit and health of our youth. Whatever your lifestyle or family preference, you will discover the "right" neighborhood in Nashua.


Public Places

Nashua's wonderful quality of social cohesion and community distinctiveness is built upon our safe, clean, vibrant, and unique public gathering places. Living in Nashua means coming together with family, friends, and neighbors, sharing in the “people-places” that really make Nashua a memorable place worth caring about.


Cultural Diversity

Nashua has always been on the vanguard of cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity in the State of New Hampshire. All are and have always been welcome in Nashua, as it has served and will continue to serve as a location that one and one's family may embark upon the “American Dream” of education, freedom, employment, liberty, investment, and unlimited opportunity.



Volunteerism is the most valued resource in Nashua. One may volunteer in the schools, at the library, at the hospitals, at the food pantries, at the senior centers, at the churches & synagogue, and at any number of social & human service organizations & institutions. This proud legacy of volunteerism is respectfully celebrated and supported by the Mayor's Volunteer Recognition Committee.

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Planning the Future

Nashua places great value upon Citizen Participatory Planning. The future vision of the city must be the product of diverse opinions, experiences, perspectives, interests, and hopes. The City encourages you to participate in creating a shared vision for Nashua's future.



The population of Nashua is approximately 89,000; the region continues to grow in population and socio-economic complexity, as does the State of New Hampshire.

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