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        Located next to the Nashua Police Station at 9 Riverside Street, the Engineering Department provides the City of Nashua with professional engineering and technical services required to plan, coordinate, develop, design, construct, operate and maintain City facilities and infrastructure. The Engineering Department is responsible for reviewing and approving subdivision and site plans for sewers, drains, street improvements, and street access. The department also designs public sewers, drains, roads, and other projects. Engineering Staff maintains and prepares all record drawings, processes applications for residential and commercial wastewater service permits, and issues work orders for the repair of sewer connections. They perform inspections of public construction to verify that the work is in accordance with approved plans. They also hire design consultants, engineering services, administer construction contracts and surveyors.

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Project Schedules
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Sewer System Fact Sheet
Road Construction Specifications
Sewers and Drain Specifications
Sidewalk Construction Specifications
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                                     City Engineer’s Office
                                     Division of Public Works
                                     9 Riverside Street
                                     Nashua, NH 03062

Tel (603) 589-3120
                                     Fax (603) 589-3169


        Engineering Staff

    City Engineer: Steve Dookran
    Deputy Manager Of Engineering: Jeanne Walker
    Stormwater Engineer: Amy Prouty Gill
    Wastewater Project Engineer: William Keating
    Street Construction Engineer: Joe Mendola
    Senior Traffic Engineer: Wayne Husband
    Senior Staff Engineer: Robert Saunders
    Senior Staff Engineer: Timothy Watson
    Street Construct./Repair & Permit Coordinator: Lori Barrett
    Survey Technician: Mark Jennings
    CSO Technician/Inspector: Rick Haberman
    Construction Inspector Engineering Assistant: Todd Welch
    Engineering Inspector: Bob Meunier
    Engineering Inspector: Bill Toomey 
    Administrative Assistant-Engineering: Mary Woods




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