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Nashua Revised Ordinances & City Charter

General Code Corporation and the City Clerk's Office have been working on a recodification of city ordinances.  Preparation of the publication is now in its third, and final, draft and is undergoing a final review by the city's elected officials and division and department heads.  The recodification process includes a review of text by the publisher's editors and legal staff, but changes made in the Code of Ordinances (last recodified in 1987) are primarily editorial in nature, such as section re-numbering, table reformatting, and/or in presentation style.  The new codebook will include ordinances approved by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen through June 30, 2007.  A link to a copy of the most recent draft appears below.  Please note that this is a draft; this Code will not take effect until enacted by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.  The draft is 942 pages in length, the Traffic Ordinances (listed separately) are 138 pages, and the list of substantive changes is six pages in length.  All documents will open as pdf files.


Draft of Nashua Code of Ordinances -- recodification
Draft of Traffic Ordinances -- recodification
Draft of Land Use Code -- revised  (Please refer to this document, not the Land Use pages in the full code, above.)
List of Substantive Changes
Derivation Table of 1987 Code to 2007 Code


Revised Ordinances of the City of Nashua

Online Ordinances:

Ordinances are codified by a number of publishing houses, which maintain online versions for those communities who choose this service. If you wish to see what other communities are doing to address common issues on “animal control,” for example, you could conduct a key word search in the ordinance code for any number of communities. The following links will connect you to the electronic libraries of these publishing services:

American Legal Publishing Corporation
LexisNexis Municipal Code Library
General Code Advantage
Municipal Code Corporation

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