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Motor Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions


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How Much Is My Registration Going To Cost?  

It is not possible to quote exact fees for a particular registration over the phone, however an estimate can be obtained in person or online with our online bill pay estimator tool.{266726ED-E547-42D0-B58E-A15EFDF8F2A7}


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 Where Can I Get A Temporary Plate?

 You can obtain a Temporary Plate at any of the State Motor Vehicle Substations, the following is a listing of just a few of the locations for the State Motor Vehicle Substations where you can obtain a temporary plate: If more information is needed please see RSA 261:57 in regards to temporary plates.

Concord, NH - 23 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH

Milford, NH - 4 Meadow Brook Drive,  Milford, NH
Manchester, NH - 377 South Willow Street, Manchester, NH  
Salem, NH - 33 Geremonty Drive, Salem, NH
Nashua, NH - 110 Broad Street, Nashua, NH

* any calls should be directed to Concord 603-227-4030  

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 Can I Come In And Register A Car For Someone Else?

The NH Driver Privacy Act (RSA260:14) prohibits us from releasing any personal information about an individual to another person. New vehicle registrations must be completed in person, otherwise a notarized power of attorney is needed. However, if you come in with that person's current registration or a renewal notice, you should be able to complete the renewal of a registration, providing there are no changes.

You also need to show your current Driver's License or photo ID.

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Methods of Payment Accepted

We accept these forms of payment:
  • Checks- no third party checks 
  • Cashier checks
  • Money orders
  • Bank checks
  • Travelers checks
  • Cash
  • Credit cards (2.95% service fee)
  • Our ATM  ($2.25 service fee)

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What Will You Accept As Proof Of Residency? 
Acceptable Proof Of Residency
  • A Valid New Hampshire Driver's License With The Correct Nashua Address listed
  • OR A Valid United States passport or Out Of State Driver's License, along With One Of The Following:
  • A current Utility Bill Or Other Official Mail Recently Received At The Correct Address within the last 30 days.
  • A Rent Or Lease Agreement Recently Signed By The Owner Or Management Company and the renter or leasing party.




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Can I Register My Vehicle On Line?

 Yes, we can now renew vehicle registrations online,
(A 3% service fee will be added be added to your total)

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Where Is The Nearest State Motor Vehicle Substation?

The closest State of NH DMV Substation is located at 110, Broad street, Nashua, NH.  You may also want to check out this site for a list of DMV Registration Substations

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How Do I Register The Vehicle I Just Bought And Use The Same Plates I Have From The Car I Sold?

Come in to our office with your current original registration for your old car, and the necessary documents for your newly purchased vehicle.   If the newly purchased vehicle is 15 years or older you will need a bill of sale and either the valid out-of-state (not NH) title or the former owner’s permanent New Hampshire registration or the completed and signed verification of Vehicle Identification Number form 19A available online at .

If the newly purchased vehicle is under 15 years, you will need the original Certificate of Origin, or title signed over to you or the Town Clerk copy of the title application obtained from a NH dealer or lien holder (either party can be present).
If the Certificate of Origin or the title is in two names, both parties must be present to register and apply for NH Title. If either party is unable to be present they would acquire a notarized Power of Attorney for the person coming in to complete the process in their absence.  

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I Lost My Registration, Title, Plate, Stickers, Or Decals.  How Do I Get A Replacement(s)?

Replacement registration, Stickers/Decals, Plates and lost title applications can be obtained at City Hall in the Motor Vehicle Registration Department. The forms are also available on-line at, Replacements are available at our State DMV's as well as our Municipal offices..

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I Am Moving Out Of State Can I Receive A Refund For The Remainder Of Months On My Registration?

 Unfortunately, the State of NH does not refund any partially used registrations. Any further questions should be directed to the State.

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I Have Never Registered A Vehicle In The City Of Nashua NH. What Do I Need?

 In addition to your vehicle documents, you will need to come in with your Driver's License (or other official Photo ID) and proof of your residence in the City Of Nashua, Please see:New Residents  for a list of approved proof of residences.

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Can I Make Partial Payments On My Auto Registration?

 No, in order for your vehicle to be registered you have to pay the full amount of your registration (RSA 261-52)

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How And When Do I Renew My Vehicle Registration?

Registrations are renewed during the month of expiration, which can be found on your registration. Generally, this is the birth month of the first name on the registration – unless the vehicle is leased or owned by a business. Registrations expire at midnight on the last day of the expiration month. Check your registration or the month sticker on your license plate.  For your convenience, registrations can be renewed up to four months in advance.  You may renew your registration through the mail by following the instructions on the renewal notice you receive in the mail. This is the most convenient method of registering. You may also come in to the Motor Vehicle Registration Office located at City Hall downtown Nashua, at 229 Main Street.  Please bring your current registration and your renewal notice along with your current driver's license or ID. If possible, avoid Mondays and Fridays and the beginning and end of each month since those tend to be our busiest days and lines can be lengthy.
Renew On-line.

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 Where Can I Get A Handicap Plate?

 You may apply for a handicap plate or permanent Hanging Placard at The State Of NH DMV office in Nashua. You'll need Form DSMV16 filled out and signed by a medical doctor. For additional information, call State Motor Vehicle at the Nashua Sub-station ( 603-227-4000) The DMV16 form is available at the Motor Vehicle Dept at City Hall: , or see RSA 261:88 in regards to handicap plates.

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 Can I Register My Vehicle Even Though I Have An Outstanding Parking Ticket?

No person shall be issued a motor vehicle registration with outstanding parking violations unpaid (city or state), per (RSA 231:130-a) Notification of Unpaid Fines.

To find out if you have outstanding parking tickets and what the amount is please contact Traffic Violations at (603) 589-3205.

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 Where Is Your Office Located And What Are Your Hours?

We are located at City Hall in downtown Nashua, at 229 Main Street. We are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Monday through Friday. 1st and last Thursday till 7:00 p.m.

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Can I Register My Vehicle Even Though My License Has Been Suspended?

No.  Please refer to Suspended License (RSA 261:180) Call the State offices in Concord, 603-227-4010, Financial Resposibility.

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I Am Under 18 Can I Still Register A Vehicle/Obtain A Drivers License?

For registration of a vehicle:
The State Of New Hampshire requires that an authorization certificate (RSA 641:3) be signed by a Parent (Form DSMV 38 obtained online at or Guardian or in the event there is no parent or guardian assigned or applicable, another responsible adult.  Under Age 18 Registration (RSA261:53) This applies to regular Driver's License.

For obtaining a New Hampshire Drivers License:
You are able to obtain a driver's license. However you have to attend an approved driver education course, this course shall consist of both classroom instruction and behind the wheel driver training of not less than 10 hours. A person under the age of 18 also needs to have 20 hours of additional driving experience/or time under the supervision of a licensed parent or guardian. (RSA 641:3) For more information go to this site on the laws of persons under 18. For more information go to this site on the laws of persons under 18.

Under Age 18 Drivers License. (RSA263:19)

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Where Can I Get A Vehicle Identification Number For My Home Made Trailer?

For trailers weighing 3000lbs and under (with a bill of sale and a properly executed Form 19A , obtainable on-line at, the City of Nashua will issue the Vehicle Identification Number to you. For trailers weighing 3001lbs and over (Title 10), the customer needs to call Highway Enforcement at 603-271-3339 and a state officer has to inspect the trailer and issue the Vehicle Identification Number.

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 I Just Bought Out My Leased Vehicle, What Do I Need To Bring With Me To Register?

 If you buy out your lease the registration is treated as if it were brand new and you become the new owner and must change the registration to your name and your birth month. You need to bring in either the New Hampshire Application for Title or the actual Title signed over on the back to you by the leasing company, along with your current registration. If you buy out the lease prior to the expiration of your registration you will receive the remaining credit on your registration and pay the difference through your birth month.

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 I have just moved to NH. How much time do I have to obtain a NH Drivers License? 
Under NH State Law you have 60 days. For more information please go to

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I would like information on vanity plates. Where can I go to find out whether or not what I want on my license plate is taken?

 If you visit the NH eGov website you can find available plate information.

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I Would Like To Know How To Transfer My Vehicles Into The Name Of A Trust? 

If your vehicles are not older than 15 years, you will sign the back of the titles over to your trust. Although the vehicles will be titled in just your Trust's name, your name can still appear first on your registration as Trustee only (no personal ownership)so that you can keep your birthday month as your month of registration expiration and vehicle inspection.

In order to get this done, you'll need to bring in your titles to the vehicles, your legal papers naming the actual Trust name and trustees, your driver's license, the current mileage on the vehicles and your current registrations to the vehicles. The cost is $27 for each title and $3 for each registration, providing your vehicles are currently registered and we only need to add the Trust name 2nd on the registration.


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