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Assessing Department

Telephone Number (603) 589-3040
Fax Number (603) 589-3079

Welcome! The City of Nashua Assessing Staff welcomes you to their home page.

Department:Assessing Department
Division:Financial Services Division
Address:229 Main Street
PO Box 2019
Nashua, NH 03061-2019
Hours:8AM to 5PM, Monday - Friday

Personnel Title Phone
Andruskevich, Pamela GIS Technician II 603-589-3040
Brown, Louise Assessing Administrative Specialist III/CSR 603-589-3040
Dame, Douglas Appraiser III 603-589-3040
Duxbury, Noreen Assessing Administrative Specialist II/CSR 603-589-3040
Lavoie, Ashley Assessing Administrative Specialist I/CSR 603-589-3040
LeMay, Andrew Deputy Manager/Appraiser IV 603-589-3040
Marino, Angelo Chief Assessor/GIS Manager 603-589-3040
Turgiss, Gary Appraiser II 603-589-3040
Turgiss, Greg Appraiser I 603-589-3040
Walley, Cheryl Department Coordinator, Assessing 603-589-3040

Solar Energy Systems Exemption

There has been a surge in homeowners putting solar equipment on homes in 2015. The City assesses solar equipment and it is likely that your property value will change. Per RSA 72:62, the City of Nashua offers a "Solar Energy Systems Exemption" up to the amount of $5,000 "from the assessed value, for property tax purposes, for persons owning real property which is equipped with a solar energy system as defined in RSA 72:61".

Click here for more information.

Nashua Assessment Revaluation for 2013

The Assessor’s Office has recently completed an assessment revaluation for 2013. The assessed value represents an estimate of the fair market value of properties and is based on sales of similar properties that have occurred throughout the City of Nashua.
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The mission
of the Assessing Department is to ensure that all property within the City of Nashua is assessed fairly and equitably in accordance with RSA 75:1 which states in part [Assessing Departments] “shall appraise all taxable property at its full and true value in money…. and shall receive and consider all evidence that may be submitted to them relative to the value of property”. Accordingly, the Assessing Department’s purpose is to administer NH State Laws and programs governing property assessment in an honest and professional manner.

To meet that responsibility, the Assessing Department, with a professionally trained team of appraisers, administrative personnel and state of the art technology, conduct various assessing practices to ensure an equitable and accountable real estate based assessment program. Therefore, the department is able to provide the citizens of Nashua with fair administration of programs governing property assessment, municipal efficiency and prompt response to public inquiries. 



Below are just some of the pages you will find on the City of Nashua website, under the Assessing section:

Exemptions and Credits

Assessment Appeals

Assessing Deadlines

Property Values Lookup

If you have additional questions, please contact the Assessing Staff by using the Assessing Department E-mail

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