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17 Eleventh St. 2nd. Alarm 002

November 19, 2016 Building Fire 17 Eleventh Street

Nashua Fire Rescue Press Release Prepared by: Deputy Chief George A Walker
Incident type: Building Fire
Incident date: 11/19/2016
Time of Incident: 1715
Incident Location: 17 ELEVENTH ST
Property Owners Name: Nashua Housing Authority
Property Owners Address:
Incident Commander: Deputy Chief George Walker
Number of NFR Engines in response: 5
Number of NFR Ladder trucks in response: 2
Other NFR apparatus in response: 2
Number of NFR personnel in response: 30
First NFR unit on scene: Engine 2
Was detection equipment present, did it function? (Smoke detectors): Yes

Actions: Nashua Fire Rescue responded to a telephone alarm reporting a fire on the roof of 17 Eleventh St. Engine 2 arrived on scene with smoke showing from the eves of the building, a 2 story wood frame row style apartment building, containing 5 apartments. A working fire, followed by a 2nd alarm was requested, which brought additional apparatus to the scene as the fire quickly spread to the attic and through the roof of the building. 2 hand lines were stretched into the fire apartment to attack the bulk of the fire, as additional hand lines were placed in the adjacent apartments to prevent fire spread. The fire appeared to have started in a first floor wall spreading to the second floor and into the attic. A primary search of the building confirmed the building to be unoccupied at the time of the fire.

​Property reps from the Nashua Housing Authority, stated that an ongoing plumbing issue required the water to the building to be shut off and all occupants had been put up in temporary housing, prior to the fire. The cause of the fire appears to be accidental, but remains under investigation. The aggressive fire attack along with NFR staffing ensured a quick knock down of the fire, and limited the heavy fire damage to 2 units. Firefighters were able to cover (salvage work) personal belongings in 2 adjacent units which greatly limited the damage in those units.

​Special Hazards encountered:
The size of the building and number of apartments necessitated numerous lines being stretched to protect the spread of the fire.
Injuries (number of, gender, general severity): One firefighter was transported to the hospital with minor head and neck injuries, and was treated and released.
Number of persons transported to medical facilities (NFR members and/or public): 1 Investigation status: Under investigation.

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