Arlington Street Community Center


In May 2016, a MBK summit attended by over 70 community agencies and city departments identified the need for a community center, based on a community school model, which is both a place and a set of partnerships between the schools and other community resources. Programs within the Community Center will be filled by community stakeholders filing a request for space with the Community Center executive committee. These programs must be integrated with those of other community partners so that all resources are focused on common goals and used effectively and efficiently.

Funding for the community center will consist of encouraging community partners to bring their programs into the center and encouraging the center to reach out into the community therefore pulling together existing resources and redirecting them to support the programs that the center offers.

Request for MBK Programming Space

Community partners wishing to apply for space should complete the attached request for proposal. Included are suggested area of focus as identified by community surveys, other programs may be considered.  Please attach your application electronically and email it, along with any questions, to: . Applications will be  reviewed as they are received.

Upon approval of your application, documentation for the city’s in-kind matching contribution will be provided to organizations wishing to apply for grant funding on behalf of their organizations.

Please email with any questions.

RFP Application - Arlington Street Community Center

Community Center Subcommittee

This Committee will be charged with reviewing the RFP’s submitted by agencies for space and use of the community center and making recommendations to the MBK Executive Board.  Others duties may include:

  • Identifying new programs
  • Drafting of Community center policies and procedures
  • Community Center website and social media
  • Building layout, upgrades and budget

Next Meeting Dates:

Wed., August 2nd, 2017- 8 am      Mayor’s Conference Room
Wed., August 16th, 2017-8 am      Mayor’s Conference Room