Nashua Riverfront Development Plan

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The project includes the area along the Nashua River from Mine Falls Park upstream, through the Millyard and Downtown, ending at the Canal Street bridge. 

The Community Development Division and Waterways are leading this initiative, with a team including representatives from Economic Development, Planning and the Department of Public Works. 

Public Outreach and Timeline:

The City has launched an interactive website to engage with the public. 

The project is proceeding in three phases, with the goal of being finalized before the end of June: 
Phase I – Project Identify – 3/1/17 to 4/5/17
Phase II – Public Engagement & Design – 4/5/17 to 5/31/17
Phase II – Final Plan – 5/31/17 to 6/28/17

A second outreach meeting will be held May 18th, with the first round of feedback rolled into visual concepts and ideas from the consultant. 

We are excited to move this project forward and look forward to your participation in the development of the final plan.