The Millyard

The cradle of Nashua’s historic industrial economy, the Nashua Millyard is poised to be reborn as a thriving mixed use destination. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the district displays a dramatic contrast between nineteenth century architecture and the bucolic Nashua River. However, recent public and private investments promise to unleash the potential of this district, located just steps away from both Downtown Nashua and Mine Falls Park. In recent years, these hallowed buildings have been turned into eclectic loft apartments, dramatic artist studios and creative work spaces for startups. New bridges, trail connections to the water and the Broad Street Parkway will soon reveal this local treasure to the wider world.

Broad Street Parkway
The largest municipally managed public works project in New Hampshire, the 1.8-mile long, 2-lane parkway will connect downtown Nashua with F.E. Everett Turnpike near exit 6. The road will dramatically improve access and visibility of the Nashua Millyard.

Clocktower Place
The former cotton textile mill was historically restored in the 1980s into a thriving residential community.

The Picker Building
The nineteenth century historic property located on the Nashua River has recently become the epicenter of Nashua’s burgeoning creative community. Artist, craftsmen and entrepreneurs mix here to create a pulse that is as unique as the building that houses them.

Millyard Technology Park
The complex features polished hardwood floors, refurbished bricks and exposed beams, which convey an atmosphere that is authentically New England. Small businesses of all types call this space home, including technology startups, engineering, marketing consultants and manufacturers.